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KHAZ started as a passion project

You’re told certain things when you are growing up, you follow what your parents and grandparents tell you to do. Go to college, go to university, and get that 9-5 job. Be a lawyer, a doctor, or a teacher. You’ll be safe.

My brain didn’t work like that, and I had a hard time in school. I barely passed high school and it took me 7 years to complete a 4-year program at university - to become a french teacher. I am not a french teacher and that was not the plan for me. I worked 2-3 jobs at a time while in university, I wanted to hustle but I didn’t know where to hustle. I thought picking up different jobs was “hustling”. I lived on my own since I was 18 and I had to pay bills. At that time the hustle was paying for that.

I don’t have fashion or design or any kind of creative background from my family. It wasn’t passed on and it was definitely not encouraged, it was a passion. I have been drawing and sketching since before I could remember. I tried painting and I ended up switching my major from French to Photography within a year I graduated with flying colours.

There was always something there that I needed to pursue and I couldn't find that. COVID helped me with that, my creative husband helped me with that.

Covid started and I had to get my creativity flowing. I was in the pension sector and working from home was just killing me. It all started with pulling out my sewing machine which I used to fix things, shorten pants or fix a hole…Take apart an old hoodie, use some old fabric and recreate it using that pattern. Raw edges, funky seams - KHAZ began its journey.

Khaz clothing is made from sustainable materials and is designed to flatter all body types. Additionally, Khaz provides resources and support to help women achieve their goals. Ultimately, the goal of the brand is to make everyone feel confident and beautiful in their own skin and bring out everyone's unique beauty through thoughtful designs. We believe that life is too short to follow someone else's path. We should each blaze our own trail and live life to the fullest.

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