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Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Sportswear, yoga wear, athleisure, active wear, so many names, we still don’t know what to call it. Covid hit a few years back (a few years, can you believe it?!) and we didn’t know how to react, how to live our life, how to dress… That’s really how KHAZ started LOUNGEWEAR. It was such a #fad. Everyone needed to step their game up in the comfy fits they were rocking. Everyone was showing off their cozy ti dye sets... Remember that?

KHAZ tried the whole #tidye thing and it worked and we actually called it smokey dye to be unique and it went wild. It was different and it was cute.

But then people starting signing up for virtual workout classes and they had to look cute on camera.

Well, what if we looked into active wear?

Sportswear/Active wear wasn't seen as stylish for a very long time. What has changed this day?

If you haven't been living in a bubble for the past ten years, you've probably noticed sportswear become more and more fashionable both inside and outside of the gym. It became so popular that "athleisure" became a new category. As the name implies, it straddles the line between casual, daily style and sportswear. It is a blend of "athletic" and "leisure." Athleisure caters to both individuals who lead an active lifestyle and those who just don't want to change several times during the day and like non-restrictive clothing style. It is built on ease of wear and innovative clothing materials.

As the boundaries of fashion continue to disappear, this casual, multipurpose look has entered our wardrobes and filled it with clothes that are equally at home or at the gym or as they are on the streets.

How active wear Can Improve Your Performance

Does what you wear to work out affect how well you perform? I'll be honest with you and say that they most certainly do. The fabric of the sportswear is important, as you are well aware of after going through all of the reasons why you should wear the appropriate sportswear. Yes, it must be cozy and sufficiently flexible, but it also must be absorbent and composed of material that doesn't irritate or chafe your skin.

Flexible. It is flexible enough for the workout or exercise you have scheduled for the day. You can move about freely because it is flexible and comfortable enough.

Prevents sweating. It's important to avoid long-term irritation or infection. To keep you motivated and perform at your best, proper activewear should be able to absorb sweat as you work out.

Breathable. Activewear that is breathable guarantees that sweat will pass through the fabric and into the air, making any strenuous physical activity you do, comfortable.

Boosts self-confidence. Your confidence may be boosted by the look and feel of your active wear, which helps you stay focused and motivated throughout the day. Even if you don't see it, others often observe, and a grin of gratitude not only improves your day but also improves your performance.

We designed some really cute sets, and it took about 10 months to start the pieces. We tried so many fabrics and finally found THE ONE. It’s the softest (literally like butter) durable and doesn’t look terrible when sweating. Yep, we tested it while doing the crazy spin class, superheated hot yoga, and hot hit classes.

Now, can we wear this to a workout class, to work, and then for drinks with girls? UHM, yes.

Our fancy unitards have been spotted at the Hatha Yoga classes, to work with a cute sweater and some jewelry and even with heels, an oversized blazer, and some hoops earrings… Combining functionality and sleek minimalist design, active wear has played a major role in sportswear’s resurgence on the fashion scene. This trend, supports “transition” moments with leggings and other yoga pants which can be worn anytime, anywhere.

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