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Who We Are

Khaz Designs is a disruptive, female-owned one-of-a-kind luxury loungewear brand based in Toronto, Canada. Founded by Christina, KHAZ offers high-quality apparel made from locally sourced fabrics that fuse comfort with effortless style. We design with your busy lifestyle in mind. Our pieces are versatile and can be styled up or dressed down for any occasion. Every garment is handcrafted and stitched with ethically sourced, sustainable material.


Inspired by local Canadian artists, Khaz Designs is all about creating custom, sustainable, and comfortable pieces that will last a lifetime. All materials are locally sourced and bought on an as-needed basis to avoid contributing to mass production and clothing waste. 


Our brand sells ready-to-wear clothes and custom clothing.


Our Story

Christina is a Moscow-born, Toronto-based fashion designer inspired by European and North American fashion. She is passionate about creating custom pieces women will love and live with forever. She believes comfort doesn't need to be boring, and sustainability is the way forward.  Every item she creates is made for busy bodies who desire to look good and be comfortable.   


Although her heart longed for fashion, Christina was encouraged to become a French teacher. After 5..6...7...8 years chasing someone else’s dream, she decided the heart wants what it wants. Between working multiple jobs, juggling a double major, and doing side gigs in the arts, Christina finally found the courage to pursue fashion. 


Like Christina, KHAZ customers are all about pursuing their passions and changing the game.


KHAZ began as an idea to create custom-made clothes and it evolved into a brand that cares about the environment, helps women live their dream life, and brings out everyone’s unique beauty through thoughtful designs.


Our mission is to disrupt the fashion world with unique clothing you can wear anywhere. Here, we ditch the suits and still look put-together. 

How we do it

We are a woman-led, Canadian brand with no middle man. Our industrial equipment helps us produce quality pieces, locally. We buy from Canadian mills, so we can support the Canadian economy and produce quality work without exploitation. 

A piece from Khaz design, you are not only getting a beautiful, custom-made clothing. You are also getting the assurance that your clothes will be made with care and comfort in mind.


We value creativity, sustainability, and comfort.

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